First, come in.

The first step is the most difficult. Admitting to yourself, "Yes, I need help".

The first conversation is all about getting to know each other. We see how it goes, what our impressions are, and then consider whether we can imagine trusting each other.

This is followed by the diagnostic stage. This simply involves bringing together what it is that is troubling you and formulating the therapy objectives that you wish to achieve. 

It is only then that the therapy begins. What untapped potential lies within you? How can you better understand your story, and how would you like to rewrite it? Are you able to re-evaluate your problems and thereby discover a new approach? And how do you live with the changes? What are your feelings in the process?

Usually, a short-term therapy up to a maximum of 24 hours is requested. This can be extended to a long-term therapy of 60 hours, possibly up to a total of 80 sessions.