About me

Darina Augapfel, born 1962, married


Training and qualifications

Studied psychology at the Universities of Freiburg/Br. and Frankfurt/M, gaining a degree (Diplom) in psychology

Training in systemic family therapy at the Institut für Phasische Familientherapie under Dr. Carole Gammer, Wiesbaden 

Training as a psychological psychotherapist specialising in behaviour therapy with Gesellschaft für Ausbildung in Psychotherapie (GAP) in Frankfurt/M.

EMDR at the EMDR-Institut Deutschland, Bergisch-Gladbach

Schematherapy at the IST-F, Frankfurt/M.

State recognition through licence to practise (Hessian State Examinations Board of Healthcare Professionals)

Approval to settle accounts with health insurance funds from the Association of Health Insurance Physicians


Professional experience

Medical documentation specialist/biometrician in pharmaceutical research at Merz + Co. in Frankfurt/M.

Ward psychologist at the Psychiatric Hospital in Giessen (LWV)

Own practice for psychotherapy and supervision in Frankfurt/M.

Supervision of social workers and  social education workers for the Youth and Social Office in Frankfurt/M. 

Leader of fear-of-flying seminars for agency Texter-Millot in cooperation with Lufthansa



Hessian Chamber of Psychotherapists (LPPKJP Hessen)

German Association of Psychotherapists (DPTV)



Therapies and fear-of-flying seminars in German and English